Children’s Church, May 24, 2020

Children’s Church, May 24, 2020


-Popsicle sticks (or accordian book template)

-12 Disciple printout

-crayons, markers

-tape, glue

-Construction paper (brown, blue, white) to make boat and water



  1. Color each of the disciples and cut out figures.
  2. Either glue them onto the accordion mini-book if you are making the mini-book (refer to the directions page for mini-book) OR glue/tape each apostle to a popsicle stick.
  3. You can use the boat template or create your own. Make sure to leave the top of the bottom open to place your disciples in the boat!


**Parents, this is a great activity to talk about discipleship and what it means to follow Jesus.  You can reference how several of the disciples gave up their old life to follow Jesus (Peter, Paul), left their home and belongings.  While Jesus isn’t calling us to leave our loved ones today, what are some ways we can follow Jesus in our own lives as kids? As families?


I would love to see you post pictures of kid’s finished craft on The Gatherlings’ Facebook page!



 Ms. Carmen xxx


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