“What is THIS all about?”

Sermon Reflections from Herk
“When you wake up in the morning, do you ever ask, ‘What is this all about?'” 
This is something we should all ask ourselves regularly.  I think that it’s probable that much of the trouble in the world may come from people who never, ever ask or contemplate that question. 

I remember hearing an interview with a man who had led a terrible life of big trouble and finally found himself in prison and in solitary confinement.  Going through his usual litany of blaming all sorts of other people for his troubles, and his lot in life, and his awful situation; — when suddenly he found himself asking: “What part of all of this am I responsible for?”  He said that just asking that question completely changed his life. 

Herk Stokley is know as the local Obi Wan.  If you see him at church, you should definitely meet him!  Much from him can you learn. 

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