Sermon Homework for Sept. 23, 2018

Sermon Homework for Sept. 23, 2018
  • I see those struggling with mental illness!

Go to this website and take the stigma quiz or pledge on your phone:

Pray for those experiencing mental illness in our congregation, community, nation and world, especially those who cannot afford treatment or lack a support system.
  • I see indigenous girls and women in need!

Go to and read up on Savanna’s Act and track it or call and write Congress with your thoughts on the bill.  Use the hashtag #NotInvisible and talk about the importance of this issue.

Pray for the victims of these crimes, like a story shared in multiple news outlets yesterday about the Alaskan native woman who was kidnapped, choked until unconscious and sexually mistreated by her attacker.  She reported him and stood up for justice, knowing he could receive a sentence of 5 to 99 years for his crime and was astonished when the prosecuting attorney said he got a “pass” with a plea deal for a lesser offense that has him back out on the street as a free man.  You could write to the judge if you disagree with that sentence (he did serve a year under house arrest during the trial).
  • I see foster children in need!
Go to United Methodist Family Services (where one of our church members works!) and learn more about how to make a difference fostering older children/teens in our community. 
Pray for foster parents and respite parents.

Spend time at the Seton house volunteering with troubled youth in our community. Email Robby Rockey if you want to know more about the Open Table program which is not a fostering program but rather a mentorship program:  

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