Children’s Church, Sunday, August 23, 2020

Raised Salt Cross Painting
Looking for ways to point your kids to Jesus? This Fruit of the Spirit is LOVE Kids Activities pack is full of simple ideas to teach kids what love is in an engaging way. This hands on study of Galatians 5:22-23 is aimed to help your family connect, play, learn, and grow in God’s Word together.
  • Supplies: Cross Printable, Cardstock, Bottle of Glue, Table Salt, Watercolors, Paint Brush
  • Instructions:
    1. Print the cross printable on heavy cardstock.
    2. Squeeze a thin line of glue along the edge of the cross so that it is outlined with glue.
    3. Sprinkle table salt all over the glue.
    4. Pour off the excess salt.
    5. Dip your paint brush into the watercolor paint of your choice. Gently touch the salt with your brush and watch the color spread.
    6. Let your artwork dry thoroughly (it may take a little longer than normal).
  • CLICK HERE to download Cross Template

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