Children’s Church, Sunday, August 2, 2020

Power of Prayer Craft
  • 6 wooden boxes (You can find these at Michaels or any craft store)
  • 15 toilet paper rolls (cut in half) or as many as needed to fill your boxes
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Yarn or cord for hanging
  • Command hook for hanging
  • Strips of colored paper
  1.  Glue boxes together in a cross pattern.
  2. Glue toilet paper halves in place.
  3.  Glue cord to back for hanging.
  4.  On the colored strips of paper, write a prayer concern or a prayer for someone else.  (Each night/day, pull a prayer out)
CLICK HERE to print Prayer Hands as an additional resource for helping your kids learn how to pray.

Children’s Prayer to Say Every Day

Every Day Prayer


He wakes me up; He makes me sleep.
Provides for me the food I eat.
When I cry, I call on Him,
Because I know with Him I win.
Even through the hardest day,
I trust in Him in every way.
He’s the One who sees me through,
Jesus lives, I know it’s true.
With loving-kindness, He smiles on me.
Because He died, I am free.
Lord, for all, I thank you so,
I know you’ll never let me go!


— Esther Lawson

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