Good Friday

Journey to the Cross for Good Friday: AN INVITATION TO ALL
– Andy Gilstrap


Our Good Friday activity this year is a “Journey To The Cross”, consisting of 12 interactive stations.  This is a self-guided activity that is open from 6 pm -8 pm, this Friday.  You may come and start, moving at your pace, whenever you are able.  


Each station will have a scripture and a thought (e.g. a quote or two) that you read to yourself to orient you to that station.  Following,  there will be a guided reflection and an action.  These will be printed out for you to read and respond.  The action may be something like, writing a thought on a post-it note and placing it on a map.  You may take however long you’d like to complete a station, or move through the whole journey.


ALL ARE WELCOME.  You may work through this “journey” on your own, or as a group. (e.g. family, friends, etc.). We are not concerned with keeping the building completely silent by any means, but the posture is reflective and quiet, in nature.  With that being said, if you want to keep the atmosphere focused for yourself, I suggest bringing earbuds and playing meditative music for yourself as you move through.


Childcare is provided.  Stations for kids that are able, will be located upstairs.


The starting point for the journey is located at the south-facing double doors, located on your right as you enter from the parking lot, and just before the covered drop-off area.  From there station #1 is located by the choir room.  Proceed accordingly, working your way through the hallway and a few rooms.


The sanctuary will be open and available for prayer and reflection, before and after.  The back part of the sanctuary will be reserved for gathering and mingling.  


This is a very non-threatening exercise that can be very meaningful.  It is a great way to get into the rhythm of Easter weekend, to center yourself, and find the movement of God from the cross, to the empty tomb.  


Come, enjoy, reflect, move at your pace, and walk a journey to the cross with us.  



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