Vanco:  Giving Regularly to the

Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC

There are many benefits to setting up an electronic giving account through Vanco for regular giving to The Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC:

  • Hassle-free (no remembering to bring the checkbook on Sunday mornings)
  • You set the interval of giving
  • You set the amount
How to Sign-up for Vanco:
Setting up a new account with Vanco.  It’s easy!
  • STEP 1:  Click the “Create Profile” button located on the bottom right of our giving page
  • STEP 2:  Enter and confirm your email address
  • STEP 3: Fill-out the profile form and then click “create profile”
  • STEP 4:  Click “Add transaction” to initiate/schedule a transaction.   
  • STEP 5: You can donate using a credit card, checking, or savings account.  After entering your account information, click “process”
Any questions?  Please contact the church office