JOIN US on Sundays
  • 9 am: Traditional service                       sanctuary
  • 9:15 am: Experiential service                    fellowship hall  
  • 10 am: Chapel-style service   
  • 10:15 am: Experiential service

Worship is not a performance. On Sunday mornings, our goal is not to entertain you with fancy smoke machines and light shows. Our vision is to invite you to experience God in a profound way as you enter into the sacred space of worship.
How do we do this?
  •  With a Relaxed Atmosphere (think jeans, coffee, and friendly faces)
  •  With Liturgy (Lord’s Prayer and weekly communion)
  • With Meditation (yes, we actually spend a few minutes in silence as we seek to hear God’s voice)
  • With Action (in worship we may literally package up meals to send to the hungry, create birthing kits to send to moms overseas, or put together school kits for children in our community)
  •  With Reflection (you might write letters to God, break tiles, light candles, or plant seeds as a way of reflecting on your journey of faith)
Adults and kids are invited to participate in worship because the more engaged we are, the more we can experience God.

We’ve never met a perfect Christian. Getting together in life groups, small groups, or accountability groups at The Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC gives us a safe place to learn from, pray for, and grown in our faith together. When we focus on studying God’s word and the Christian life with others who are struggling like us, we can take off our masks and be authentic. And there’s nothing better than truly being yourself and having a church care about you instead of judging you so check us out!
There are people in our community and throughout the world who need help. They are in pain and are suffering and the church is called to reach out to them. Instead of throwing money at these problems we roll up our sleeves and let God lead us to be a part of the reconciliation and healing process.  What does this look like?