Children’s Church, Sunday, July 19, 2020

Paper Plate Kite Craft

Supplies needed for this kite craft:

  • Paper plates
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Kite string
  • Yarn or other string
  • Scrap fabric
  • Craft sticks

Step 1: Create the Body of Your Kite

Start by tracing anything round in the center of your paper plate and cutting out a hole with scissors.  Older children can definitely do this step themselves but younger ones might need a bit of help.
Get out your hole punch and add some holes to the plate. 
Use a hole punch to punch three holes around the edges of your paper plate kite

Step 2: Color Your Paper Plate Kite!

Now you can let the kids loose with the markers.  Let them decorate their kites in anyway that they want.  Decorate one or both sides….this part is completely up to their imagination.  After they are happy with their kite craft, add a long piece of yarn to the punched hole that is close to the outer edge.  Tie on pieces of scrap fabric to make a fun kite tail.  Any extra yarn and fabric will work for this part of the kite.
Attach yarn with fabric strips to the holes punched in your colorful paper plate kite

Step 3: Attach Your Kite String

Next you need to make it a kite!  Add some kite string through the two remaining holes and tie.
Unwind a long piece of string and cut.  Then wrap around a craft stick.  This will keep your string neat and give the kids something to hold onto when flying the kite.  NOTE:  Tie the very end of your kite string to the craft stick to prevent the kite from blowing away in heavy winds.
Create an anchor for your kite by wrapping a long piece of kite string around a Popsicle stick

Step 4: Time to Fly Your Paper Plate Kite!

Head out and give your new kite a test drive! 

This kite craft for kids is made with a paper plate! Perfect for summer crafting!

Some tips and tricks for flying your kite:

  • Make sure you try to fly your kite on a windy day. Don’t want to wait?  You can try running around and see if you can get the kite off the ground a bit but don’t expect to really get it in the air without the wind.
  • Stand with your back to the wind and hold the craft stick. Allow the wind to catch your paper plate kite and begin to lift it.
  • Let out on the string as the kite begins to fly. See just how high you can get it!
  • Can’t get the kite up? Have a friend help by throwing the kite into the air while you hold the string.  Again make sure the wind is to your back.
  • Have a contest and see who can get their paper plate kite the highest!

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