Here’s the Quick Index for “Who to Call” at the Gathering at Scott Memorial 

Bible Studies or Small Groups

Sara Branch  Chair of Discipleship  

Email: branch_family@hotmail.com


Budget/Finance Questions

Deborah Duncan, Finance Chair

Email:  dduncan@dollartree.com

Char James, Business Administrator

Email:  admin@gatheratscott.com


Building Services & Maintenance

 Andrew Pelton, co-chairs of Trustees

Email:  peltonar@yahoo.com

Leave request with Char James @ church office during business hours (Mon.-Thurs. 9am-1pm)


Children & Youth Ministry

Email:  children@gatheratscott.com

Jason Houser, Director of Youth & Sports Ministry 



Church Membership

Rachel Gilmore, Pastor

Email:  rachel@gatheratscott.com

Phone:  757-428-3720


Clothing Locker Ministry

Amanda Moore 



Wendy Hamilton




Communication & Announcements

Request church-wide announcement 2 weeks prior to event contact:

Robby Rockey, Communication Director


Request changes to church-wide announcement less than 2 weeks before the event, contact:

Robby Rockey, Communications Director


Concerns/Complaints with staff

Questions or suggestions?

Rachel Gilmore, Pastor

Phone:  757-428-3720
Staff Parish Relations Committee:
Tiffany Thompson
Richard Brown


Disaster Relief Training or Projects

Marta Gray 

Email: mcgray2018@gmail.com

Email list & Newsletter

If you’d like to be added/removed from email list or have newsletter sent to you, please contact:

Robby Rockey, Communication Director



Mission & Outreach projects

Rachel Gilmore, Pastor

Phone:  757-428-3720



Stacy Fitzpatrick, Executive Director Beach Gathering Montessori Preschool and the Gathering Academic Preschool 



Phone:  757-965-6575


Special Mission & Outreach events

Matthew & Kathy Hillman

Phone:  757-498-0686


Sunday AM Volunteers

Help with coffee setup/cleanup please contact:
Robby Rockey
Email:  office@gatheratscott.com
Help with greeting contact:
Tim Wright
Volunteer in Sunday School/nursery please contact:




Vision of the Church

Questions re: the vision of the church/ future goals,  baptism, structure of the UMC contact:

Rachel Gilmore, Pastor

Phone:  757-428-3720


Wedding, Baptism, Birthday Party/Social Events or Greeter/Ushers

Char James, Business Administrator

Phone:  757-428-3720