Project More Than Bricks FAQ
Q.  When will the City start construction on First Colonial Road?
A.  There is not a exact start date listed on the City’s website; however the City has the legal right to start work on the road expansion any day, because they deposited $25,000 in our lawyer’s escrow account.
Q.  What if we don’t raise enough money?
A.  If we don’t reach our goal of $45,000, then we won’t have contingency funds on hand if additional needs arise relating to church maintenance and we might have to do an additional fundraising campaign (and seriously, do we EVER enjoy fundraising campaigns at the church?!?)
Q.  What if we face hurdles from city permitting and the cost goes up well beyond what we expected? 
A.  The Trustee and Finance Committee would work together to come up with a plan for Church Council to approve.
Q.  Where are we going to worship while all this is going on?
A.  We can still worship while the electrical and heating work are being done.  When the sanctuary renovations begin we will look at a variety of factors (estimated time of renovations, outdoor climate, safety, and accessibility to restrooms being some of the factors) and decide if it is best to utilize the fellowship hall, rent a large outdoor tent for “revival-style” worship or even utilize space at a local school or church for a month or two.
Q.  Have we thought about other options for fixing this safety problem with the road expansion?
A.  Our lawyer, structural engineer, architect and contractor have looked at multiple options for creating a safe exit that puts us in compliance with building codes when the road expansion takes place, and this is the option they all felt was best.